Saturday, November 07, 2009

Doing My Part

Heading into this fall season, I detected a bit of unexpected trepidation. Sure, at the outset, everyone who could was proclaiming how excited they were for the changing colors and cooler weather (which are certainly a package deal along with their autumnal cousin). But lurking beneath the exuberance was word that there was a shortage of the worst kind... and could the timing have been any worse?!

Given the situation, it seemed like one could respond in one of two ways... 1) run out and buy up every can of the beloved Libby's before anyone else could, no matter the price or 2) search high and low for every fall-ish non-pumpkin recipe.

So what was my personal response? I opted for... actually both. Since trips to three different grocery stores left me empty-handed, I turned to option 2). My search turned up this amazing looking Praline-Apple Bread - and the result? Dare I whisper that we didn't miss the pumpkin one bit?

Now that's not to say that I won't be back with some pumpkin recipes in the near future (subsequent trips to re-stocked grocery stores served me well) - it is autumn, after all. But you can bet this apple bread is in the queue - just doing my part to keep from driving up the price of our precious pumpkin (or... just an excuse to eat more of this delicious bread).


  1. Well- when my market finally got the pumpkin in, I bought a bunch! We love pumpkin around here. Obviously! However, your apple bread would come in a pretty close second to my pumpkin bread.

  2. That bread looks outrageously delicious, Kara! That sticky, gooey, nutty exterior is making my mouth water.

  3. Your bread sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. That bread looks incredible! Great pictures!


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