Thursday, November 05, 2009

In the (Fire)house

In a certain house of a certain brother of mine... (fire) trucks reign supreme. Of course, every bit of this was expected - after all, if nothing else (but adorable, smart and inquisitive), my nephew is predictable... certainly when it comes to matters as important as building things and moving vehicles (of the large variety).

So as you might guess, Charlie's 4th birthday wasn't the first time he'd requested a visit to the local fire station. And (apparently) they were only too happy to oblige - phew! I suppose they knew the possible wrath headed their way were they to have responded otherwise

Would you believe that firemen and women are incredibly gracious hosts? I was taking notes! They provided helmets for each party attendee, a hosted video about their profession and life inside the fire station, the kids got to try on their suits, and the climax... the opportunity to climb all over each of the different vehicles. It was at that point that I thought our Charlie had died and gone to heaven.

However, the excitement of the morning, sirens and all, only lasted so long - after all, once he realized there were more presents left to open at home, firemen and their trucks were a mere delay.

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  1. That is the cutest idea! He has the coolest birthday parties. I'm bookmarking this for future use in case C. loves firetrucks, too!


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