Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is the Day

It was inevitable, I knew the day would arrive - and to be honest, the thought of it looming was starting to haunt me as I knew it just wasn't feasible that I might make it through a holiday season stress-free - so today was a good a day as any. There I was toodling along with my can-do holiday attitude, not a care in the world... and then the switch flipped, just like that! But oh... oh yes, I remember how yesterday felt so clearly!

Speaking of yesterday, let's go back there... both literally and literally. As for the former, yesterday was when I snapped these shots of the new addition to our Thanksgiving decorations.

Literally speaking, this pineapple with a fabric turkey head (that's a technical term, for those of you taking notes) harkens back to a time when I actually didn't know the stresses of the holidays... yes, I was 3-years old but who's counting. A turkey similar to the one here graced our family Thanksgivings every single year and my table has felt empty without one... until this season. The same season that, early-on, saw me carefree and even encouraged thinking "I can do this Christmas season" - and then in the span of a quick day, gobbled me up (chuckle chuckle) in the feeling of "Thanksgiving is next week... NEXT week? What will I bring to a pre-holiday dinner... what about a gift for our holiday hosts... what will I make for my work potluck this Friday? And Christmas cards... baking ahead of time? Or perhaps, this year, more like 'barely in time'".

Yup, it's begun all right.

Luckily, though, as much as the holidays can engulf me in a crazed, stressed whirl, being surrounded by family and friends during this season can just as quickly melt all of that away... even if but for a moment. And I plan on enjoying those moments (even if some of you already have dozens of cookies baked and stockpiled in your freezer... you know who you are).


  1. How do you know we spent some part of our childhood together? We had the same felt turkey head on our pineapple!

  2. Cutest turkey ever!

    We're not doing gifts this year for various reasons. It's a huge burden lifted. (Well, except for Cash and Lyla. They still get presents!)

    Leaves me more time and money to bake and decorate! My fave parts, other than spending time with family.

  3. I have never seen a felt turkey pineapple before but I love it! You are so great about getting your house decorated. I honestly don't think we have any Tgiving decorations... but the Christmas ones will be up soon enough!


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