Thursday, January 14, 2010


You just can't take it, can you? Admit it - ever since I said I was taking up some not-so-regimented healthy-eating habits, you've been dumbstruck (no, I'm not calling you dumb) sitting there waiting, wondering... would she make it, or would those goals be a distant memory mere minutes from setting them?

And then you see this... an innocent-looking piece of cake and the answer becomes quite clear. Or so you think (it's all mysteries around here, people).

And lest I interrupt you as you furiously scroll down in a panic (my writing is just that riveting, I know... and since there's nothing better going on in the world these days) - let me say this: oh ye of little faith! C'mon now people - give me a chance.

There, that's better.

Now, since you've so generously given me the benefit of the doubt, I will indulge your curiosity without taking up much more of your time (or rather, just a few quick seconds to say that I really like living in this fantasy world where folks actually care about and/or follow along with my ramblings).

About the cake, though... it's Cooking Light's Cranberry Upside Down Cake and never has healthy baking and eating been so good (heck, if I hadn't baked it myself, I never would have believed it was a light recipe!).

So there you have it... how to eat well while eating... well. If I'd known healthy eating tasted this good - my goodness, I'd have started long ago. And just for you, a few fewer of my very own words (win-win for you guys, right?)! *momentary pause so I can get this repeating words thing out of my system Let's be honest, though, the lack of words here is really because today is a designated dessert day so the longer I sit here, the less time I have to stuff my face with sweets! (this healthy eating thing is really working!)


  1. Your blog makes me hungry...!!! I love your photos and love your blog!! xo

  2. I was doing well until I made that brittle. Sigh. I need to make more things like this! Then take a small piece and carry the rest to work. That's the only way to save myself.

  3. Kara! Thank you so much for your kind comment. :) I'd love to take pictures for a food magazine - maybe one day!


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