Saturday, January 02, 2010

The "Next Year" List

If you're anything like me, you're sitting here detoxing from the past couple of weeks of Christmas and already evaluating what you can/should/would/want to do differently or heck, better next year. (by the way, if you're into resolutions, I came across these healthy ideas the other day and thought they'd be a good start)

And although I am probably the most anal person around (make that definitely), sitting here contemplating already making a list of those things takes even me to a whole new level (we won't mention how bothered I am that I've put an undoubtedly Christmas picture on this so not Christmas-type post). But, at the same time, I figured there got to be at least one other person somewhere on the face of this planet (not that they are one of the 9 people who read these here ramblings) who's somewhat like me and therefore, might actually get something out of what I've got to say today... on this, the 2nd day of the brand new year (and yes folks, that's quite a few days past Christmas, yet here I go).

So what's this all about? In a word (make that two): the cookie exchange. Sure she's been around for ages... I've even been going to one that's held annually for the past 7 or so years, so this is nothing new, even for me. But I don't feel like she gets fair play around these parts and she certainly deserves better... after all, what could be better than getting to throw a fun party (I've even seen it done with boys invited!) but with minimal work for the hostess (unless you're Amber and you assemble cute recipe booklets for everyone handed out with custom Christmas CDs) while still getting to make sure your guests get something out of coming (uh... cookies, duh!). Couldn't be better in my opinion... and for that, having one of these is going on the "next year" list.

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  1. The link to the healthy ideas is fantastic. I especially like the suggestions of "keep in touch with old friends," "limit carbs" and "get in shape." I keep those 3 in high regards already and will keep to it for 2010 and beyond. (Although, limiting carbs is very hard being the carb-o-holic that I am.
    p.s. - I am proud to be part of "one of the 9" who follow your blog. I am certain that more than 9 people read your blog. In fact, Sam loves your pictures - so he is #10. :)


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