Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Much More

This was an accident, literally. Not like "oops, I made these and didn't have anyone to share them with so down down in the belly they went" (credit to Charlie there). More like... I picked up this recipe, anticipating a completely different cookie at the outcome, one that we'd tasted and loved, no-less... only to find out that this actually isn't that recipe at all (don't ask me how that happened - I'm still sleuthing it out myself) but instead, one of the best mistakes I've ever had the pleasure of happening upon.

And it should be known, I never once looked back. Sure, the (minor but obligatory- in my opinion) addition of espresso powder (or, er... grinded instant espresso in this budget-kitchen) had me suspicious early-on, but I've read my fair share of recipes where there is a secret and powerful ingredient that is the key to the intense, if surprising, flavor, so I wasn't about to let that derail me. Not to mention, do you know how rich the addition of anything-coffee makes chocolate?

And then the shortbread-like base - speckled with slivers of bittersweet chocolate? Topped with a layer of melty chocolate chips (not that I have any issues there) and a shower of crushed Heath bars? Sure, that'd give it some bite, but the cookie I was trying to re-create had a veritable crunch.

Oh, but that bite. I'll be the first to admit that this wasn't the cookie I set out to make... and I'll bring you that recipe another day if I have the good fortune of tracking it down... but this one, these Caramel Crunch Bars (thanks, originally, to Dorie Greenspan), are worth remembering all on their very own.


  1. Dorie is a goddess so I'm not surprised these were awesome. And I'm all about "budget cuts" that make SENSE. Ahem. Nice job!

  2. I can make some and give them as presents to my friends this coming Valentines.
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