Saturday, January 30, 2010

'On My Mind

There are places to which, it feels like, we are inextricably linked. Or in some cases... quite extricably linked. (and I'm using that word whether spell-check and dictionaries around the world like it or not) For a few reasons, this is one of those places for me.

(yes, these pictures were taken at Thanksgiving, hence the fall decorations... and I give you every permission to be upset with me for holding out on you)

The most obvious is because I spent the majority of my formative (although there remains to be a lot of forming yet to be done) years in this house. My brother and I were fortunate to grew up here, in a loving home, amidst beauty that went all but unrecognized; and to that, my mom will say that the reason for it is because it was and is continually evolving.

But regardless how and when it got the way it is, you undoubtedly now see reason number two for why I feel so connected to this place. It's beautiful and well-thought out and balanced... in my opinion (and if I've learned anything, it's that style and home decorating is very personal) almost well... perfect. I pretty much love everything about the house... and as if it needs saying, the way my parents have put it all together (but then, mom, you already knew this).

Speaking of learning anything... I should warn you before you proceed any further that while I read a lot of DIY and decorating articles and blogs and occasionally masquerade as someone who has developed her own sense of style in our house, I know zero of the technical terms associated with this field so you're about to read a lot of "my favorites" and "beautifuls" and... you get the idea.

Even with our own house, I've tried to emulate not necessarily my mom's style per se, but how she went about, through the years, building upon their initial foundation. It seems that she puts just the slightest bit of extra thought and care into each room (or place setting or centerpiece or...) that somehow makes it work. And as is evident, she loves to mix and match unique pieces that she loves, no matter what the trends and gurus would say. *that water glass was my grandmother's crystal... apparently, she had the knack of picking out gorgeous things too so maybe one day we'll find out that it runs in the family?!)

It bears mentioning that Chris is generally less-than-pleased that I continue to refer to this lovely house as "home" (and I admit, I should really get over it... it's been quite a few years since I laid my head down in a room that was still called "mine" in this gorgeous home), but when something looks (and truthfully, it feels as amazing as it looks) this good, tell me I'm not the only one who wouldn't be holding on for dear life!!

One day I will show you our house, more than just one of our sorry guest rooms, and you'll see how far we have to go - and why my mom is consulted on almost a daily basis with cries for help.

So now you know... a little bit about the place I love to claim as "home" and also, that not only is my mom my baking and cooking mentor and go-to expert, she is also my design consultant and home-decorating-everything extraordinaire. Oh, and fellow dachshund-adorer.

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  1. I love the wall color in her dining room. Beautiful!


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