Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Right on the Season

As you've come to expect, I'm here with a right-on-the-money seasonally appropriate recipe for you to enjoy.

Wait, let me try that again... more like... I'm here with a "in case you froze some blueberries last summer and decided it was high-time they saw their day in the sun" recipe. Either way (see, I do have your best interest in mind), if you do have access to some fresh (or frozen-fresh) blueberries, I'll let you go grab them now so they can start defrosting while you read the rest of my rambling - we're all about efficiency here.

The funny thing is that I set out to make these (okay, full-disclosure... I made these a while back - but not to worry, it was still well out-of-season) because we had company coming to town and it's my tendency (read: the only way I know how to handle guests) to stock the fridge and freezer with meals and their subsequent desserts.

Then I learned that one of our friends was allergic to blueberries; after shedding a few tears, I trudged on knowing that's exactly what my friend would want me to do. Thus, I resigned myself to baking these knowing I'd need to eat them all myself (rather than risk an allergic reaction - see how concerned I was?!)... or, just about all, give or take five which I divvied out to Chris and the scavengers at work.

And I owe it all to our allergic-to-blueberries friend when I say (don't mistake this for an exaggeration) that I truly believe that I could have sold each of these little fruit-studded squares to my coworkers in a name-your-own-price type scenario. If that's too metaphorical for you, what I'm saying is that never, ever, has a baked good I've shared elicited the reaction that these treats stuffed with frozen fruit received.

With that I must say, maybe out of season isn't so bad after all. I will attribute a little of Deb's Blueberry Crumble Bars' fame to a craving for fresh (ah-hem) fruit in the middle of winter... but really, there's no explanation needed. These things just sell themselves.

**Turns out I'm not the only one who is seasonally-challenged (although I prefer to call it "fresh fruit freezing savvy")! Abby made some amazing looking muffins with her frozen blueberries just recently too!!


  1. Fresh-frozen blueberries pull me out of a lull every winter. It's SO nice to have them in the house! And I've made these bars, too, with cranberries. They are fabulous, aren't they?

  2. I wish you lived closer! I have such a sweet tooth these days but no motivation to get my 37 weeks pregnant body into the kitchen to do anything about it!

  3. I used frozen blueberries in some scones recently too. They work beautifully. Those bars look super tasty!


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