Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Not-too-Sweet Lesson

You won't believe this but I'm going to say it anyway... as of late, I've been enjoying baked goods (duh), yes - tasty sweets, with less uh... sweet (read: sugar). Don't get me wrong... I haven't written off sugar completely (or even slightly) and these lovely little squares still have a healthy dose of the sweet-stuff, but they aren't my usual chocolate chip studded bar or cookie, or a multi-layered delight so the chances of anyone turning these away because they are too sweet are slim. *actually, the chance of anyone turning these away at all is all but unimaginable

I'm sure this phase will pass... so no need to rally the troops, but while I'm here, I thought I'd share how I've managed my way through (and honestly, it hasn't been all that bad). While I can't really fathom it, I figured there's chance that one or two of you actually don't lunge for the desserts that everyone else says "it's too rich" (meanwhile, there's the Kara-of-old who knows that those words signal the dessert of my preference).

But as it turns out, I'm completely equal opportunity in all things dessert. You call it a sweet... or dessert, and I'll eat it - and now even bake it (as was the case here).

So I'm done gloating about how I now eat super sweet and not-as-sweet things with equal amounts of delight. Buuuut, did you happen to notice that I kind of glazed over the part about the actual ingredients? As in not talked about them at all even while referring to the fact that these weren't overly sweet? Sure there's about 1.5 cups of sugar total in these heavenly bars (how's that for details for ya?)... but the big deal here is that there are 1.5 cups of butter too. It's true... go on and check out IvoryHut's recipe (but puh-lease come back).

Why this is important is that it turns out while I was learning to appreciate the less sweeter-things-in-life, I lost my ability to read recipes and translate them into buttery goodness (peppered with nuts and chopped bits of dates). What this means for you is that even though our Food for the Gods bars were made with half the amount of butter, they were still devoured and I was the only one who had a clue. So just imagine the scrumptiousness that will be yours assuming you bake these according to the recipe?!

What are you waiting for... stop imagining it and grab your cup and a half of butter (that's three sticks), and get to it! Endless not-to-sweet sweets await!

IvoryHut's Food for the Gods

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  1. Brace yourself: I HAVE given up sugar! Almost two weeks now. I'm not a big dessert freak so it hasn't been that hard - yet.

    I love the idea of making something like this, sweet but less so. How European of you! ;)


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