Thursday, March 04, 2010

Reasons to Love It

I'm sure you've noticed (riiiight, Kara)... my track record here as far as compliments go for this old house that we are happy to call home is less than uh... complimentary. Since it usually goes something like "yes, I love our house but...", I figured I should show you what it is that I actually do love about our house... lest you think I'm a fibber.

And we're off with a four-in-one doozie. Notwithstanding the (a lot) less-than-award-winning pictures (even after studying these great tips!), this little vignette we've got here is without a doubt one of my favorite spots in our house.

This is our dining room who you've met before... or you've at least met her stripes before. Speaking of that hard-earned wall-decoration, they are certainly one of the major factors leading to me being willing to take up residence in this room.

While the walls are the foundation for what I love about this room, our lively and unexpected paintings just elevate my feelings. Do you have things in your life that are not only beautiful but were also created with care by a great friend? These paintings, given to us as a wedding gift by my talented friend Carolyn, immediately found their home here above our china cabinet... and I haven't stopped smiling at them since.

Lurking just below those canvases of color is what my mom once called my first heirloom. Obviously not referring to the bowl of oranges, she was describing our tea service which was handed-down from Chris' family. It has a long and storied history (that I desperately need to get my in-laws to transcribe) which makes it all that much more special. And to think growing up, I never really understood why my mom loved antiques... and old houses? Don't even get me started. Now back to our 1940s house...

Something old, something new, right? The last part of this little corner of our world that I love so dearly is our china. I recognize that registering for china when you're married has become a little old-fashioned but I'm okay with that distinction. And while Chris might not have the same affinity for those plates, I have never regretted picking out this china. We've used it hosting family for memorable meals and no matter what the evening's menu, I make sure we eat off of it each year on our anniversary.

Now you know where to find me when I just can't get past the stark white walls of our hopeless guest room... it's rooms like this that keep me sane when the rest of the house seems to frustrate me more than anything else. But let's end on a positive note, shall we? What's your favorite part of wherever you are lucky enough to call home? I'm nothing if not house and decorating-obsessed.

*hey, that was kinda fun! I'll be featuring some more similarly-little parts of our house that make me smile so stay tuned...


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  2. LOVE IT! Such cool paintings...and the stripes are still looking magnificent :-)

    (ps...hilarious that you are now getting comments from your "peeps" - hahahhahaha!)

  3. ah, thanks for posting the paintings kara - that's so neat! i love your house and am honored to be "in it"... you've done such an amazing job decorating :)

  4. Those paintings are awesome! I love that your friend made them for you.

    My favorite spot in the house ... our bedroom. It's all chocolate walls and deep-red accents. So easy to sleep in. And so cozy!

  5. I was seriously worried about my soda bread because it was so wet! But I think that's because I used powdered buttermilk and water. No worries, though, because it came out fantastic! And yes. We can be friends. Cash likes raisins so you guys can share!

  6. yup, not afraid to admit it. I love my bathroom, the shower curtains, my white linen tower, the colors, the place where things get clean (instead of storage - haha!).


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