Saturday, May 28, 2011


week seven

Perhaps I will be able to keep up with this a little better if I change formats... that's what parenting is all about anyway, right... adapting?  And I assume no one is here to read my diatribes about losing pacifiers anyway - and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to write about something other than parenting... one of these days!  So here we go...

- Miller wore his first sunglasses (and didn't seem to mind them!)... though they were actually his second pair.  This pair courtesy of Uncle Ben and Aunt Kat... and we'd be remiss to not mention how incredibly good Uncle Ben was with the little guy (please come back?)

- Mr. Monkey (who hangs from the bars on Miller's playmat) has officially been named his best friend, with Mr. Elephant coming in a close second (depending on the day and/or mood)

- We celebrated another family birthday this week... and I must say that our little boy treated me well with a fun dinner out and a great day spent together

- Miller had his first backyard with the sprinkler day on Thursday - he mostly just snoozed and watched his two girlfriends play in the water table and sprinkler (cutest ladybug sprinkler head ever) but hopefully it was the start of a long friendship with summer afternoons spent outside

- As sad as this is to admit, this week marked my first real re-entrance into the kitchen... and it wasn't nearly as hard or bad as I anticipated - I think the worst part was realizing the whole time that I actually hadn't cooked for almost 2 months

- Probably the most fun event of the week was the opening of our wonderful neighborhood pool and our first cookout there - again, Miller wasn't wowing anyone on the diving boards but soaked up the atmosphere and he's sure to make many more appearances there


  1. Awe he's so adorable! :) The kitchen said welcome back Im sure!

  2. so cute Baby <3
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