Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Happy Halloween!!

Not the best costume you've ever seen? HA It was worth a FREE burrito (bol, in my case) courtesy of Chipotle's Boo-Rito promotion!

How did I get so lucky, you ask?? Dress up like a burrito and you were promised one on the house... and apparently holding a piece of foil up to your face counted (though some people were considerably more creative)!

What made it even more worth-while (as if the free bol wasn't enough?)?? While explaining the letters on my burrito wrapper to the cashier (C and G) and expressing how I would normally go for their oh-so-tasty guacamole, he told me that everything was actually included in their promotion... so not only did I walk out of there with a free bol, but a free side of arguably the world's best guac, too!

Thanks, Chipotle!

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