Friday, September 29, 2006

Bonus Points wins my latest favorite for online shopping destination of the year. Since I have sincerely enjoyed working with them (and their vendors) on my latest purchase, I thought I should give them props so others can have the same experience.

Why have I had extensive dealings with I ordered a leather chair from them - my first big furniture purchase in my long 27-years. After being contacted to set up delivery (which was included in the already low price), my chair was quickly delivered, taking the place of my old roommate's (thanks, Megan!) rocking chair.

Sadly, I quickly noticed that there were a few scratches on my beautiful chair; so it was not 3-hours after taking ownership of my chair that I was on the phone with a friendly rep who told me exactly what to do and how the nice leather chair vendor would send me a touch-up kit first, but if I wasn't happy with that, they would ship out a new chair - simply exchanging it with my current one! YES Too good to be true?? Only time will tell... I still await the touch-up kit.

I would also like to say that Costco's "take home pizzas" are quite tasty - and you and your eighteen brothers and sisters can all enjoy pizza, hotdogs and cokes IN your neighborhood Costco for something around $5 total (cheapest way to feed a family, bar none).

And while I'm here, I might as well post a few pictures of my "new" living room. This includes the finally finished bookshelves and my new chair... and my not-so-new but still super cute accessory, Miss Annabelle Wallace.

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