Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Anything but Typical

Why I've decided that Thanksgiving vacation was the appropriate time to embark on my next home improvement project... and one that is significantly more substantial than any in the past... is beyond me. But nevertheless...

Starting bright and early (Black) Friday morning (saving me from spending unnecessary dollars out at the sales), we should *knock on wood that we can get in touch with my contractor* be replacing my foyer carpet with hardwood and the linoleum in the kitchen with tile!

Anyone who's been to my condo can attest to the fact that this will make quite a dramatic change (including little Annabelle - who will undoubtedly have a time getting used to the new slick surface)... but for those of you who haven't visited the glorious "west end" of Alexandria, I had to take the opportunity to provide a little before and after.


One thing's for sure: this will certainly reinforce who and what I'm thankful for... good food with family to energize me for 3 long days of labor, my dad flying up to DC to oversee the whole process, and having great friends around willing to entertain me during slow periods and to pitch in if help is requested.

Oh... and GO DEACS!! (Saturday night vs. Maryland, 7:45pm - ESPN)

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