Tuesday, November 07, 2006


... that it's Veteran's Day "time" and today is Election Day... I felt so proud to be an American going to the polls this morning!!

Thank a VETERAN for their service and remember all of those who continue to defend our freedom as well as those who have gone before us as you walk to the polls - we wouldn't have the chance to do this without them!

Now follow me closely here... since my dad's a Vietnam vet, it seemed appropriate to also brag about his most recent "work".

My mom asked my dad to build her a planting bench - and since they just had our porch redone, my dad had some "vintage" (circa 1980) wood lying around, so he built this for her!

Since it turned out so well (I think it's pretty cool looking and have put in my own order), my mom's suggested that my dad try and sell some! I'll let you know how that works out!!

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