Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The problem (today's, at least) is that whenever it seems that I'm going to have an hour or two of free time, my immediate reaction is to start searching for a recipe that I can make - and let's be honest, it usually comes down to a baked good or goods. I'm not picky either - all it takes is a quick review of the ingredients I've have and voila, a (usually high-fat) recipe materializes. I know that it hasn't always been this way, but without a doubt, I've been inflicted for at least 3+ years. I can only imagine how many pounds I could have saved if I didn't have this bad habit.

Tonight was the first time in a very long while that I was home for the entire evening and just had a few chores to catch up on. And wouldn't you know... laundry and baking cookies are like peas in a pod - put your laundry in during the cook time of one batch of your cookies - clockwork.

This time it was Old-Fashioned Peanut-Butter Cookies. And, as usual, I will pawn them off on some unsuspecting by-standers (Chris' family, this weekend) - that is, if there's any left by then...

Tomorrow night, Chris finishes (yes, forever!) his MBA from University of Maryland so I have a hunch these might be part of the celebration!!


  1. Well you know how I like peanut butter cookies ... and this food-blogging thing is definitely putting a kink in my WW efforts! So is life.

    Congrats to Chris. My husband started working on his master's in history this week at ASU. You're finishing; we're starting. Again, so is life!

  2. congratulations to chris and yum, yum to the cookies! to answer your question about HP - we celebrate him almost daily! :) I have two students and one husband reading the series for the first time right now and it's so exciting...what did you think of the 7th?


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