Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thanks, Coach

Thursday, July 26, 2007, is a day that will remain in the hearts and minds of Deacon fans far and wide...

Mens' basketball coach Skip Prosser suffered an untimely and sudden death Thursday afternoon. The Wake Forest community is and will grieve for the loss of this very special member of our family.

During and before the memorial service held yesterday, July 31, students, fans, and others related to the University joined in a ceremonial rolling of the Quad in honor of our beloved Skip.

I think these words spoken by those who knew Coach Prosser best say it all...

"Wake Forest is profoundly grateful for the gifts that this remarkable man displayed as he walked among us[]"

"Skip lived life to the fullest[]"

"He took everyone seriously, without pretension. His life reflected the values he professed."
- Wake Forest University President Nathan O. Hatch

"God called coach early[]" "That team in heaven must have been pretty terrible. God needed coach right away."
- [Chris] Paul

"God got a great one[]" "He took the best coach he could find. I just hope I get to coach with you one more time."
- Associate Head Coach Dino Gaudio


  1. I thought it was so nice that all the ACC coaches turned out yesterday for the funeral. (Even Coach K. Ew. OK, I jest. Sort of.)

    As for your comment not showing up, I had to start moderating the comments bc someone was spamming me with racial crap! Can't have that. Crazies. I approved one that you left!

  2. I'm glad you liked the cake! But thank Dorie. (And yes, next time I make it I'm going to put a foil tent over it toward the end of baking so the top doesn't get over-done.)

  3. nice post, kara - a fitting tribute to a true deac...


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