Thursday, July 17, 2008


For the 5 of you who read my blog, you know my posts are usually characterized by a somewhat unrelated (or at least cheesy and/or attempt-at-being-humorous) title... but I didn't want this one to be misunderstood or to risk misleading anyone...

I . Gorman Jewelers delivers, hands-down, second-to-none, the best service I have ever experienced in my life.

No matter what the industry, geographical market, etc. is - I. Gorman could run seminars on superior, consistent customer service. *no coincidence... I deal a lot with imparting information and training about service excellence at work and have tried numerous times to have these folks put on our agenda, but since they aren't seen as relevant to the world of higher education, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands

I have paid this lovely jewelry store quite a few visits during my tenure at my current job, and even though the amount of money actually paid to the aforementioned lovely store is a lot closer to $0 than I'm sure they'd like, they treat me, every single time I walk in there, like I just bought one of their BEAUTIFUL hand-crafted pieces.

I could belabor this point but I think it's pretty simple, I. Gorman Jewelers wrote the book on service. *oh, and Z Gallerie did NOT read it, but that's for another post


  1. I agree Kara. They were great when i went there.

  2. hooray for good service - tis hard to find these days!


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