Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tofu at the Beach?

Two questions come to mind -

  1. How did I end up spending the evening at the beach since we live in DC?

  2. And why tofu? Did I actually eat/make/order it?
Two quick answers -
  1. Thanks to Clare & Don's celebrating the return visit of a certain American in Copenhagen

  2. I've never seen a menu from a restaurant that wasn't vegetarian with so many tofu-filled dishes offered as I did last night
So while I can't comment on the tofu prepared at Clare & Don's Beach Shack, I can highly recommend their Pomegarita (pomegranite margarita) and their regular Margarita on the rocks, as well as their Beach-A-Rito with blackened shrimp. I also heard close to silence around the table once we finally got our food (their service was akin to a lazy evening at the beach, if ONLY we'd been at the beach!), which I always take to be a good sign. Even though the service wasn't quite speedy enough for us DC-folk (though it did force us to sit and enjoy the meal, a rarity around these parts), the restaurant provided a fun, laid-back atmosphere and really tasty food (something for everyone and health-conscious options like brown rice, too!), especially for the price.

We'll be back... and next time I'm trying the hush puppies.

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