Monday, July 21, 2008

New Version, Same Great Story

The Grubbs take DC - version 3, edition 1

Some stories are best left to the pictures... especially when time is of the essence - which seems to be our life in a nutshell these days.

Our dear friends, Jayne, Jason, and BG (well, we have yet to meet BG but we are sure to become fast friends) arrived fresh from Kernersville, NC, Friday evening; we met them at the house shortly after our 3rd to last (who's counting?!) Wake softball game. They were so kind to bring with them this enormous container of deliciously beautiful peaches (which are the genesis of quite a few recipes, assuming I get around to posting them - but trust me, these peaches are/have been amazing).

We munched on some snacks including fresh tomato bruschetta and one of our other favorites, carrots and pretzels dipped in TJ's original hummus before diving into my latest batch of homemade vanilla ice cream topped with a warm fudgy chocolate sauce.

Saturday, we had a leisurely morning, best for our preggers momma, and enjoyed our favorite sausage biscuit casserole, fresh veggie frittata, and fresh fruit before heading into the city towards our destination.

The Library of Congress - this has fast become one of Chris and my favorite spots in DC and to the point, we've been there twice in the past month and a half.

If you have a chance to visit, definitely check out both the exhibit on Thomas Jefferson's Library and Creating the United States.

I should really let the pictures speak for the rest of the weekend... but suffice it to say we made it back home to some relaxation including National Treasure II (we were motivated by the beautiful structure that we'd just visited), of COURSE some guac and TJ's spicy flaxseed chips, followed by a yummy dinner of our latest go-to... Honey-soy-basil grilled pork tenderloin, balsamic dressed crunchy romaine salad, and Costco garlic bread. But the crowning glory was my attempt at my mom's amazing ice cream cake - and granted he is a bit biased, I am happy to report that a certain Grubbs family member gives this recipe 5-stars and we all highly recommend you try it.

We finished the night, and essentially another short DC weekend, with a night tour of the monuments and the WWII Memorial.

And I leave you with these images - to help you reflect on and remember those who gave their lives in sacrifice of all that they believed this Nation could become. We are so grateful.

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  1. Beautiful of these days, I'll be inspired to try one of your recipes. I think I stumbled on the mint brownies one, it wasn't identified in my recipe collection and I haven't verified it against yours, but - those were a hit this weekend - thanks!


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