Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sorry, No Reindeer Here

I know I'm risking using your very last bit of patience droning on and on about my family's Christmas (not to mention my adorable niece and nephew... can you imagine how bad it'd be if they were actually my kids?) so I'll make this short. I fully recognize that I need to move on... and I will, very soon. This is really more a free promo for our great nation's Capitol and just one more of the many reasons to visit (hint hint!).

Last night as our family's last ode to Christmas 2008, we took everyone into the city to visit the National Christmas Tree in it's 85th year.

It was especially enticing because of the rumored trains wrapped around the base of the tree - and we all agreed that it met and even exceeded our expectations. We also had a very special opportunity... Charlie discovered what he deemed as a very large "rocket" in the distance on the Mall.

Of course I couldn't help snapping a picture of Georgia's ornament as we walked past it on the Christmas Pathway of Peace.

It was neat to see all the states and territories different ornaments in the smaller trees surrounding the main event.

Sadly, however, there were no live reindeer on site as my mom swears there used to be when she visited the tree growing up in Maryland. If you know the whereabouts of said reindeer, please let us know...

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