Sunday, December 21, 2008

Always More Room

JUST in case you possibly need one more thing to serve and/or eat these holidays, I would highly recommend my favorite's (go figure) Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

Please don't go running in the other direction if you don't like coffee or don't want to bake something with coffee in it - even if you do fall into one of those categories, this recipe's still for you. AND while we're at it, I found out that the name coffee cake can refer to either a sponge cake made with coffee or a cake served with coffee or dessert, not necessarily containing coffee. This one definitely falls into the latter definition - though I wouldn't wait to eat it just with coffee or as dessert.

So no matter why you'll make this, just do it - it's been a perfect breakfast to have around this Christmas week; and while we do still have a few slices left-over waiting in the fridge, I can guarantee they won't last long.

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