Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's a Secret

This is such a teaser I almost didn't write about it but then I thought "they deserve to know, if nothing else!"

Huh? I'm rambling incoherently again.

So out with it, already: I can't divulge the recipe for what you see here. I've been sworn to secrecy and I'm stickin' to it. This is only one of two recipes that I can not and will not share - awful, isn't it? Everyone who hates secret recipes, stand up now (count me in).

After my first taste of one of these little delights (only one, yeah right!), I just knew that even if I couldn't share the exact recipe with you, I owed you an introduction. If you should ever... ever... EVER come across some little snacks masquerading as "run of the mill Utz Special pretzels" (exhibit A)... do not make the same mistake that I almost did on one fun and beautiful (but dark - that's my excuse - I couldn't see the tastiness exuding from the bowl of pretzels!!!) evening. I owe it all to Chris who knew better and dove in with reckless abandon to discover the miracle that these pretzels are (alas - using their 'everyday' name just doesn't come remotely close to doing them justice).

Because I can't stand the thought of leaving you completely stranded, as a inadequate substitution, I offer you this:

  • I can and will make them for you, c'mon over!
  • Should you come across beautiful salty snacks with bits of ranch-like seasoning scattered about (perhaps even baked in), don't miss them like I almost did - and then beg and plead whomever made them for you (unless it's me - see above) to give you the recipe (and share it all over the internet to make up for people like me)


  1. Oh, no fair! Absolutely not fair at all... I look at the tasty pretzel creation picture and cannot help but start to google to find that delicious pretzel creation. It looks like just the thing that I might need to help win over our new neighbors in a few weeks...

    Although I wish that you were giving out the recipe, I do respect your amazing ability to keep a secret - that's a great quality! This secret keeping is also a good motivator for me to experiment a little bit. :) YUM!

  2. Cruel! Bad food blogger, BAD. I love pretzels - especially gussied up ones. And you're holding out on me!


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