Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pucker Up!

Here I go at an attempt to "make lemonade out of lemons"... also known as really not that bad of a situation(s) - just one that deserves some "lemonading"... or if nothing else, something at least crack-half-a-smile humorous (pity laugh, anyone?).

Aren't these pretty flowers?! I agree. So how can I even pretend that there's something wrong with this picture... when could getting flowers ever be something to complain about?

Let my sob (err... not at all, really, our life is actually relatively full of proverbial flowers, just not any of the zinnia-variety) story begin... you see, we were supposed to have said gorgeous flowers growing in just the spot in our yard this year; they would have added a much needed pop of amazing color, not to mention hours (days, even!) of happiness as cut flowers in casual vases around our house. Instead, however, after two failed attempts at growing these supposedly fool-proof seeds in the aforementioned bed, I moved my efforts to some pots and managed to grow (what are now) "zinnia seedlings". As we speak, I am (still... yes, I know it's much too late and there's no chance my weak, leafy stems are going to grow into these beauties) waiting (hoping... praying!!) for our inadequate stalks to make good on their promises because I refuse to give up - a lesson in persistence (even if naive)!

Thanks to a visitor last weekend, I got my first (please oh please... not last - grow seedlings, grow!) taste of these flowers - and now, as I (purposefully) walk by the flowers numerous times, I have no doubt that were just meant to grow in our garden
(I mean the color!!!! - could they be more perfect for someone so color-obsessed?!?).

Lemon: inability to grow my own zinnias; Lemonade: generous friend bringing me a most glorious bouquet to tide me over until my own flowers pop (they've just got to - I know it).

As if that weren't bad enough (cough cough... I assume you're either heartily laughing now or have moved on)... it's seemingly unfair to pair these color-free (sounds so much kinder than 'colorless') but timeless and unique plates with those balls of color.

Know, however, that while an effort was made to add some color to these plates, it won't get a mention here (Lemon!) but I couldn't pass up the chance to show you what I think are my new (to me - they were in the family, another reason I love them!) favorite appetizer/salad/dessert plates.

Lest I be misunderstood, this isn't about me whining - no complaints here, life really is pretty good. Just a reminder that even when you can't (read: fail miserably 3 times) grow your own beautiful cut flower garden and you serve a cake so sour even the most polite company can't stomach a petite piece, there are always friends who'll bring you flowers and pretty plates on which to serve cake, on another day.

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  1. I planted zinnias (not from seed, though) and the bugs had a good ol' time with them. Bummer.

    And I LOVE those plates. Anything passed down makes me so happy. I have my grandmother's China, but I keep forgetting to take pics of it for the blog. Now I'm inspired.


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