Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anything But...

I thought I was somewhat adventurous in the kitchen. Show me a delicious-sounding new recipe (with the ingredients in my pantry to boot - oooh-wee!) and sure, I'll try it (in these cases, it helps to gather any and all willing eaters).

So with that bold statement proclaimed, how does it figure that (without having done any fancy calculations), I'm fairly confident that the number one most frequently baked item in this house is (boooring) bar cookies. You know it's bad when even in the heat of the summer (did I mention that we just turned our A/C on 3 days ago?!?), I'm still willing to work in the kitchen... all for some (more) bar cookies.

To give me some credit you might think - "surely these are at least dotted with some gorgeous market-fresh berries... give me something to work with here". But... nope. Not even that. Quite the glowing endorsement, don't you think? (although I must add we've been doing our fair share of dabbling with those fresh fruits and vegetables - and I have at least one to share that you can.not.miss)

So I'll accept the yawn and obvious eye-roll - I know I deserve it but don't hold it against this recipe. It was anything but just another bar cookie recipe. If anything's worth sweating over in 90-degree (and then some) heat, it's peanuts and chocolate.

Bon Appetit's Chocolate Chip and Peanut Blondies


  1. I LOVE bar cookies so there is no eye-rolling at this computer. :) These choc & peanut blondies look delicious and are going to be added to my list of baking items.

    Keep the bar cookie recipes coming!

    Also, isn't it crazy that we are just now turning on the A/C? We've only had a few days up here where we had the A/C on, but Seattle is struggling with record breaking temps! Crazy how the weather is. I am fearful of what our East Coast Indian Summer is going to bring this year.

  2. To follow up, I rushed home and made a batch of these delights and wanted to let you know that a little bit of shredded coconut on top is a great addition also. Sam and I were experimenting!

  3. I personally prefer chocolate over fruit any day.

    And my A/C never seems to get turned off. Sad, I know.

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