Friday, July 24, 2009

Off on a Tangent

It just feels right to start a Friday with something light... and fun... and yes, even completely irrelevant (not to mention unrelated to each other). And seeing as how I'll be doing enough cooking and baking tonight and tomorrow for the both of us, I plan on staying food-free here.

Sidenote: The term "food-free" is catchy, yes? Perhaps a new diet-craze about to take over the world.

**Amber, please don't kill me for posting this picture. I really like it (not to mention, you look great)!!

This is what Fridays are for... dreaming about beautiful sunsets on the lake, roasting s'mores on a mild summer night, and then some...


  1. or I have 15 chins! You better be glad I like you!! :)

  2. My lord what a sunset! Gorgeous pic.

    We leave for a two-week beach trip Aug. 6. (My bday is the 7th. Gulp.) And these pictures are making me yearn for the coast! (Even though I'm not sure this is coastal or lake water. Who cares?! It's wet.)


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