Monday, July 13, 2009

Just a List

I live and die by lists - I'm one of those people who has lists of her lists. I would imagine quite a few of you can relate.

I should add, too, that I'm usually a pretty organized "lister" - but this one is beyond me; it started just as a list of things I like to do - morphed into a list of things that I want to (learn to) do or see or places I want to go... and in the end, turns out that it doesn't really have a theme, or even a common thread, except that all these items came out of my head.

And with that illustrious introduction, I present the list - the pesky one constantly swirling around in my head, moving so quickly I actually haven't had a chance to put it on paper.

So proceed at your own risk...

- Learn to write better: there are so many people out there (helllooooooo, out there!) who clearly have the gift of writing, and then there are folks like me (hi, me!) who struggle - but we like it, darn it - so I keep chugging along, and you kind souls read (some of) it

- Learn to sew: I took a step towards this one Sunday and actually made a strap cover using my little sewing machine and all; didn't exactly "finish the stitch" so it may very well have already unraveled itself

- Learn more about and become better at photography: preferably in exotic locales (or I could settle for just great pictures of friends and family); it's hard not to be motivated by all the great photographers here on the interwebs

- Develop my style: don't even know what to say here except I have no clue how to pick out clothes for myself, don't even get me started on make-up, starting to find my way around our house and know when I like or dislike something, but I've got a looonnnnggg way to go

- Learn to prioritize: this is a doozie- after all, I'm sitting here writing this instead of doing... well, that's a whole different list (one that made it to paper)

- Need to satisfy my now 6-month long craving for travel: this time last year we were booking our trip to Eastern Europe, and just recently, friends just came back from London and Paris so I've officially got the itch - but where to go, and for how long and ugh... priorities, right?

- And, one for this week, I want to make some more of Susan's Peanut Butter-Banana and Chocolate Chip muffins - not just because they were amazing but because I honest-to-goodness need something to deliver to some friends and neighbors and I'm pretty sure these are just the thing (even though, of course - I have a list of baked goods that I still want to make and share) *I made these using some of Susan's healthified suggestions - Smart Balance instead of butter and egg whites instead of whole egg and I'd do it again exactly the same

Lists could be my demise - but most of the time, they are this girl's best friend... especially when they contain a recipe for insanely delicious muffins.

What's on your list? Or for that matter, make a list and send it to me - misery loves company, after all...


  1. Kara your pics are great! The last one totally rocks.

    Photography school is No. 1 for me.

    Sewing used to be. I actually DID take a class, but it wasn't my thing.

    I really, really want to be a runner. I have no motivation so that's the hard part!

  2. Ugh, motivational lists! I need to work on mine! But I think at the top of my list would be to finally decide if I want to get some schooling in interior design...and then do it!

  3. I have too many things that I want to do and if I write them down, I will be overwhelmed and not do any of them. Funny huh?


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