Friday, June 08, 2007

Break a Leg!

It's not everyday that you have the opportunity to see a Broadway (Junior) production on a neighborhood stage for such a reasonable price of admission ($0)...

Tonight, my mom (in town visiting for the weekend!), Chris and I went to see Annie, Jr. at Claremont Immersion Elementary School (as an aside, I think the idea of immersion schools is so great). Rachel and Cloe, two of the 5th graders on the girls' fastpitch softball team that I help coach, attend Claremont and had been selected to be in the musical. Rachel stole the show as a fantastic Miss Hannigan, and Cloe was one of her sidekicks, Lily St. Regis.

The music program at the school did an absolutely amazing job with the production - from preparing the students in the cast to the publicity and the ideas for sponsorship to the actual day of the shows; the "stars" even met the audience after the show for autographs and a photo shoot!

Overall, we were floored by the talent of these 4th and 5th graders... and I was so proud of my Rachel and Cloe! On and off the softball field, these two are rising stars!!!

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