Saturday, June 02, 2007

Take Those Left-overs Home!

You know it's bad when you're sitting around, trying to think of a casual restaurant to head out to on a lazy Saturday evening and the only restaurants you can think of are Mexican... but then, one of the main reasons why I continue to invest in the Entertainment coupon book every year is exactly this, to broaden my horizons (*tip... wait about two months after your local version is released and buy it at 1/2 price).

Not that there's ANYthing wrong with Mexican, but sometimes it's good to change it up - especially when you eat out as rarely as we do.

Tonight, not surprisingly, was an "only if we have a coupon" night - meaning we'd only go out to eat if we could find a new place to try and if we had a coupon. We ended up heading down to Old Town and Bugsy's Pizza Restaurant right on King Street. We enjoyed the beautiful night at a table outside under an umbrella... the perfect setting, but would the food be worth it - even with a "koup"?

One of their specials lured me in so I started with a cup of summer gazpacho with garlic croutons and a dollop of pesto. Occasionally, I think gazpacho can be hit or miss but this was well worth my $3.50 - fresh and light, a great beginning to the meal.

We shared a medium, thick-crust, Bugsy's Power Play Deluxe. Our waiter was flexible enough to accomodate Chris' dislike of mushrooms and when the pizza came out, steaming in a cast iron skillet, all of the 'shrooms were waiting for me on "my" side - YUM!

The final word
... Chris felt the crust was a little bland but for the price, he'd do it again. In our newly developed rating system, we say: definitely take the left-overs home and they are most likely gone in no more than 24 hours. All in all, for $18.25 (total for the pizza and soup) minus our $4 coupon - we were glad to have ventured out to Bugsy's.

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