Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blame It on the Dads

After the zoo and a couple of fun evenings with friends, and in between daydreaming about the details for my friends' upcoming "Dessert and Drinks" couples' wedding shower that I'm hosting, the inevitable happened... my oven was turned on and out popped two new dessert recipes. I must also admit that I was otherwise inspired... it is Father's Day, after all, and my dad and brother (he's a dad, too!) love sweets AND I recently stumbled upon some new cooking blogs, one in particular.

*Blog-world question... I don't THINK this blog is "foodie" enough to enter the world of real "food blogs" but I'm tossing around the idea. What do you think?

So, in honor of all the dads who love sweets (who am I kidding... because I had a craving), enjoy!

Chocolate Picnic Cake (thanks to Confabulation in the Kitchen for the recipe and hints... though I substituted chopped up Butterfinger bar for Heath bits)

Jumbo Oatmeal Craisin Cookies (I tried Craisins instead of raisins in the original recipe)

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  1. Wasn't it FABulous? That's great you used Butterfinger ... everybody should use their fave candy! (I used to always get a Heath bar at camp canteen when I was a kid - they hold a special place in my heart. I'm so geekily sentimental.)

    I started out with food posts on my personal blog (which I'm sure you've seen), but I was so excited and addicted that I started a food blog, too!

    Whatever works for you. There are no rules!


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