Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All the Rage

I'm the last person in the world who thinks of herself as a real business (or otherwise) traveller but I just came across this fun article talking about where to get more than your usual fast-food in our airports; and, since I have been on the go the past 2 weekends (with another to come), it struck a chord. The thing is, I'm not one to arrive extra early at an airport just so I can sit down for a relaxed albeit tasty meal (tempting as the juicy steak at the top of the article is) - who are the people who have enough time to (let alone wanting to) do that?!

And while I'm on a roll discussing things that I'm not an expert in and truthfully, rarely take part in (but that I like reading and dreaming about), Washington Post food critic, Tom Sietsema, just released his 2007 Washington DC Dining Guide. It's my annual tradition to pull this out of the paper and save it for the twice-a-year DC Restaurant Week when it, for one quick week, becomes relevant for me.


  1. Our friends mentioned the dining guide several times over the wked when we were visiting. They are true restaurant-goers and have introduced us to some different cuisines!

    I do NOT like eating in airports, but I think that comes from nerves. I'm happy enough with a Hershey's bar and a Martha Stewart mag!

  2. Thighs are dark meat and breasts are white - and yes, the white has fewer calories! It's just a personal preference in taste, really. I don't see why you couldn't use breasts - it's basically just a batter. I'd do a google search about baking pecans - bc you'd have to adjust the baking time for the thickness of the breasts you use. And pecans can burn so I would just look it up. I've made OTHER chicken dishes with honey, however, so it should be good to go no matter what you use!

  3. And thank you for your compliments on my pics. It's all the camera! I have no clue what I'm doing - I just play and practice a lot.

    We heard about the candlelight tour, but we also heard that you have to buy tix in advance bc they only sell like 1500. I think it would be lovely. We did a candlelight tour of Biltmore right after we were engaged and it was gorgeous!


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