Sunday, October 21, 2007

To the Happy Couple!

It was back to Atlanta yet again this weekend... this time to celebrate the happy wedding of Jay Tienken and Mariah Doppel; I have known Jay for about as long as I can remember so it was a very exciting time getting to see him and his beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

All of our old family friends were in attendance so it also served as second weekend in a row of reunions. It's official: I don't necessarily miss living in Atlanta, per se, but I do often find myself missing "home" and all that comes along with that - old friends, familiar scenes...

As a sidenote, it was another opportunity to get some more wedding planning done, but for now, I am enjoying not thinking about upcoming decisions that need to be made but prefer, instead, to simply think about the culmination of months of Jay and Mariah's planning as we danced the night away celebrating the new couple!

*I do need some help - while my happiness for the couples is never muted, I have been finding that weddings are a bit ruined for me now that we're engaged; I notice every single detail and wonder who their vendor was for x, y, and z... how do I return to the normalcy of enjoying them as they are?


  1. It'll go away when yours is behind you. I promise!

  2. Hey I stumbled upon your site while trying to find old friends and it looks like you know Mariah Doppel's (I guess her last name is Tienken) husband. I was old friends with Mariah when she lived in Huntsville but lost touch with her when I moved to Nashville. If you talk to her tell her congrats on the wedding and I hope all is well. :) My name is Hector Gaba. Thanks! I'm on Facbook if she ever gets on there.

  3. Sorry..its listed as Hector R. Gaba. Thanks and sorry to bother ya!


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