Friday, October 12, 2007

Time for Soup!

It finally dipped below 90 degrees here in DC yesterday and I'm loving it (of course, give me a couple weeks of this and I'll be crying for the heat of summer).

To celebrate both the changing of the seasons AND the fact that I was able to prepare dinner at a normal hour, I pulled out the recipe for Italian Sausage Soup that I have been DYING to try even since it was recommended to me (thanks, Amy!).

The verdict... we thought it was absolutely delicious (though I do have a disclaimer - I am QUITE biased towards all products turkey... and this week, my favorite is hot italian turkey sausage so this fit the bill).

*Cook's notes - I only had whole grain penne pasta in the cupboard which worked well as a nice healthy substitution, and my can of diced tomatoes only had garlic and onion, so I added some dried oregano on my own

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  1. We were in your neck of the woods this wked - just got home today! Beautiful weather - we walked around Mount Vernon and Alexandria (Old Town?) yesterday.

    That soup looks awesome. And you were so smart to use turkey sausage and whole wheat pasta!


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