Monday, October 08, 2007

A Feeble Attempt

I know I'm not the only one short on time these days... but somehow, all of you out there still seem to be able to come up with delicious-sounding, healthy and creative meals (how do you do it??). In my opinion, my recent attempts have produced less than notable results (though when most of your meals consist of egg-white omelets or buckwheat pancakes and turkey bacon, it doesn't leave much room for creativity). I guess I did achieve one of my goals last night - and that was the healthy part (1 out of 3 isn't TOO bad?)... but I'm just not inspired! Help!!

As for the meal... after finding my go-to fish (I agree, Carolyn!), tilapia, on sale, I dreamt up this menu and at best it was "eh" - I think I owe it another try and this time, I will pump up the amount of seasonings I use.

It was completely edible, for sure, but could have used some "kick" - my tilapia was lightly breaded in seasoned bread crumbs mixed with about 1 tsp of Old Bay seasoning and then grilled; I boiled the thinly sliced sweet potatoes and then finished them off also on my grill pan, and my spinach was simply sauteed with some sliced onions and garlic powder.

*I have, however, decided to buck the trend in my office to bring in ONLY delicious baked goods for "Sweet Treat Wednesday" and have committed this week (it's my turn!) to bring in sliced apples and a sweet dip! I'll keep you posted on the reaction of my co-workers.

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  1. My co-workers go nuts over bags of apples and oranges so I'm sure yours will appreciate anything you do! Sounds like a good idea this close to the holidays, anyway.


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