Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Now?

Well, we are homeowners!!! The closing process was reported to be the fastest and cleanest our real estate agent had witnessed, although truth be told, it'd been less than seamless until today. *might warrant a "Lessons Learned from Buying a House" post one of these days

*better pictures

Lucky Chris got to start moving in after he finished signing the papers - and while I will be sure he's putting his "stuff" in the right places, Annabelle and I won't make the new house our home until after the big day in March.

In the meantime, Chris will be doing everything "homeowner" (let the fun begin), and (when time allows) I will be testing out the new gas stove as much as possible... it's my first! Chris thinks I've been more excited to have gas to cook with than the rest of the cute home... he's not entirely right.

One house on the market, one house purchased... one wedding to go!


  1. Congrats! I wish I could see the pics better! You'll have to take some for us. I've been debating that exact kitchen floor for a LONG time. I have a 1950s house that calls out for it!

    My parents were married in March - the 21. Great choice!

  2. I don't know if I missed that Snapfish link or what the first time, but SO CUTE! Your deck is awesome, and the yard is so nice! It'll be easy to keep everything alive if you hire a gardener! (Trust me. You want one. Heh.)

  3. congratulations, Kar - it's beautiful!


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