Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Go-Go Gadget

One of the major immediate benefits in participating in a food blogging "event" are that you suddenly have tons of new recipes at the ready (you also find lots of new food blogs... which, at least for me is both good but also potentially detrimental... i.e. hours and hours of reading through delicious recipes that grow both my grocery bill and my tummy).

So after being in Susan's recent event (and, it must be said, if Ina tops my list for FN chefs, Susan sits atop my food blog list), I of course spent some good time reviewing all of the submissions and found what looked like just the recipe I'd been searching for... a raspberry clafoutis. A few summers ago, we'd been treated to what I remember being a similar-looking dessert only it was studded with cherries, and even since, I've been on the lookout for the recipe so I could re-create the the tasty dish.

And tasty it was! Sadly (after a thorough taste-test), I deduced that it wasn't the same dessert we'd had before - but that was about the only fault I could find with this yummy (and good for your bones!) fruit-filled dessert. I haven't yet had a chance to try it dusted with confectioner's sugar but I know it can only get better from here - and since this was SO simple and had excellent results, I started thinking about all the different types of fruit (maybe strawberries or blueberries?) I could try it with.

But this wasn't just any ole' delicious fruit-filled tart custard dessert... it will also go down in history (or at least in MY history book) as the reason why I used our immersion blender for the first time! And, I am hooked! It was so easy to use and the clean-up... a total breeze! I'm hoping to find some fresh and cool summer soups to try it on next (so send any you've got my way!).


  1. love the title of this post - haha! so impressed by your culinary expertise...

  2. Hey, Kara! Thanks for the mention of my blog, but I do want to make it clear that I don't cook like this everyday - we would go broke and fat, too. : ) Gourmet dishes are only a fraction of what I prepare most of the time. As you know, not all food is pretty enough to be photogenic nor inspired enough to the impressive.: )
    But glad you are enjoying my posts, nonetheless.


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