Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Series

We have had so much fun the past three weekends travelling either to a fun east-coast city or exploring new landmarks here in our own backyard as we embarked on the 2008 Summer Wedding Series - "Three-in-a-Row-or Bust".

This weekend concluded this new series (quite different from my concurrently running farmers' market series) with Mer and Wyatt's wedding up in Glastonbury, Connecticut; it also marked what I believe to have been my first New England wedding - I'm not-so-secretly hoping it's the first of many.

What an absolutely fantastic weekend capped off with a beautiful and touching ceremony and a non-stop fun reception.

Our weekend started Friday after work, when we met up with our friends and new DC-residents Bril, Karen, and their newest addition, adorable almost 4-month-old Olivia, and began the trek up north. First stop was Bril's parents' in York, PA; after a delicious meal and if it's possible, better company, and a good night's rest, we were up early to head up to Connecticut, this time sans Miss Olivia - much to her grandparents' delight.

Thanks to the bride's Scottish heritage, a bagpiper greeted all guests at the church and also announced the entrance of the beautiful bride and her sweet father. A very touching and personal ceremony, complete with the brother-of-the bride performing three solos, followed.

The reception at St. Clement's Castle was just perfect. Miniature bottles of real maple syrup labelled with Mer and Wyatt's theme "How Sweet It Is" were at each of our places in the beautiful ballroom - such a cute and thoughtful touch.

I think the newlyweds, rightfully so, had the best time of everyone as there were many, MANY smiles throughout the night... a great evening spent celebrating a fantastic couple.

Sunday morning we shared a fun brunch with the other wedding guests and then were on our way, back through New York City (where we got a glimpse of the Empire State Building) and then a quick stop, for no particular reason, in New Rochelle, NY (apparently the home of Iona College).

We soon arrived back in York to both little Olivia and two varieties of Pennsylvania Dutch fruit pudding, Fresh Sour Cherry Pudding and Black Raspberry Pudding, as well as a re-introduction to the Dutch tradition of pouring milk over your "pudding" (which is really more like cake). I refuse to show favoritism to either of them - only to conclude in saying that I had to taste-test them both multiple times.

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