Sunday, June 08, 2008

I've Missed a Lot

Back in the day, I was a Food Network groupie - I knew the afternoon line-up by heart though my allegiances did often change. For a while I was all about Rachael, then Paula, but for a long time now, Ina has had my heart.

Yesterday, however, in the midst of my struggle to resist finally turning on the A/C (and before anyone asks, I don't recommend this method of saving money, at least not when there's a heat index of 105 outside), I painted our half bath to the tune of the early-morning Food Network shows.

Who cares, I know - the FN had its time in the spotlight and while still going strong is much more "usual" these days. But two things in particular struck me...

1) Even though I darn-well know better than to ask if a lady is pregnant, it was quite obvious upon first glance that Giada is (was) and by this point, she's even given birth! The fact that she was pregnant on the episode I saw and then, when I researched it later, I learned she'd long since given birth to Jade was a clear indication that it's been a while.

2) While I don't think Tyler will replace Ina at the top of my list, at least not for a while, I did thoroughly enjoy listening to (couldn't see the TV from where I was painting - though I did pop out to see his beautiful Upside-Down Apple French Toast) Tyler's Ultimate - and specifically this episode on his Ultimate Brunch. Even those who don't love breakfast food would have been sold after hearing his menu: the Upside-Down Apple French Toast, French-Press Vanilla Cappuccino (without a machine!) and the perfect omelet (even though I'm not a huge fan of smoked salmon, this made me want to give it a try).


  1. Can't say I've resisted the A/C THIS year. (But in the past I'm right there with you - lower heat, too - I tell Brad to put on a sweater!)

    I don't have cable so I can't watch FN - but I love Lidia's Italy on PBS, and I'm ADDICTED to Lynn Rosetto Kasper, Good Food and NPR's kitchen show, too. I download the podcasts every week and listen to them at work!

  2. would just like to mention that i love Tyler... and he is from greenville and went to johnson and wales in charleston- just another reason to think he is wonderful!


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