Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In My Mind

When I think of Europe and all that is to be uncovered in the small but rich continent, my mind immediately congers up beautiful, romantic images. And having just returned, that sentiment rings even truer for us now.

So with that, I have picked some (too many, I know - at least I didn't just upload the whole album) of my favorite images of our recent trip to share; I realize that the identity or location of many of these are not obvious, but they hold the deepest memories for me of our trip that started in Vienna, a quick train ride to Prague, then to Budapest, and back, on the Hydrofoil (via Bratislava), to Vienna. *as an aside, I highly recommend this itinerary

Vienna's RathausVienna's Staatsoper A favorite view of Vienna Stift MelkSacher-torte at Hotel SacherNight time in Prague's Old Town SquareOld Town Square's Astronomical ClockPrague's Old Jewish CemeteryView from the Charles BridgeStained glass in St. Vitus CathedralOne of many cafes that we taste-testedBudapest's St. Stephen Cathedral "the Basilica" Us at Fisherman's BastionMária Magdolna torony (this is all that remains of a 13th-century Franciscan church on Castle Hill in Buda; under Turkish rule, this was the only church allowed to remain Christian - all others were converted into mosques; the chancel was destroyed in WWII and has not been rebuilt except for one stone window, as a memento)Terror HázaThe Great SynagogueView from the top of "the Basilica"Gardens and the Gloriette at Schonbrunn Palace
A favorite afternoon at Vienna's Kunsthistorisches MuseumOur final night spent reminiscing about our trip that was drawing to a close*Entire trip album

We've agreed that our favorite activity (as dorky as it sounds) was probably learning about the different cities and their people
throughout the course of history, and especially what had actually taken place often in the exact spot where we happened to be standing. Chris and I absolutely loved traveling together and discovering other cultures and appreciating their rich past, and let us not forget the delicious food and drink the Viennese, Czechs, and Hungarians were so kind to share with us.

All that's left to say is "where next"?!


  1. I've been to Vienna twice, Budapest once and Prague and Bratislava on on the list.
    Thanks for bringing back fond memories!

  2. what a fabulous trip kara!! your pictures are truly amazing... loved reading your descriptions... love sacher torte :)

  3. Amazing pictures! Looks like an amazing time!


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