Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Build and GROW"

I have no doubt in my mind that after Saturday morning's activities , the management of Lowe's has had only one thought... "why haven't we been doing this for years?"

Leave it to Charlie (who incidentally was the subject of my first post and subsequent many others) turning 3 and my super creative sister-in-law to convince Lowe's that a private version of their "Build and Grow" workshops would be ideal for the location for the birthday celebration of our John Deere-loving, builder-extraordinaire little soon-to-be 3-year old.

Charlie started off the morning being wheeled into the Lowe's in grand fashion on a large cargo cart carrying a bunch of balloons and proclaiming to the store "it's my birthday!" No fan-fare is too big for my nephew.

He, of course, wore his John Deere finest for the occasion and if I don't say so myself... the color green looks right at home on him.

Robyn, being the creative mommy that she is had an adorable cake that looked like lumber being "zipped" (as Charlie calls it) by a saw plus adorable sugar cookies in the shape of different tools tied up with measuring tape ribbon for favors.

Not to be outdone in cuteness, though, was Miss Caroline. It'd been a few weeks since we'd had the chance to see our precious niece and she did not disappoint. I am loving all the pink since prior to Caroline arriving on the scene, we hadn't seen much more than blue and green, with the occasional yellow hard hat.

I couldn't decide whether she was more adorable asleep or awake, so I will leave that up to you .

We're enjoying having the chance to watch Caroline change even in the few short months of her life so far... if she is as much "girl" as Charlie is "boy", there's a lot more pink to come! I'm not sure if Charlie and his parents are prepared for that!

We had so much fun celebrating with Charlie and his friends... I highly recommend living close to family - it's absolutely the best!

Happy 3rd to my favorite nephew!

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