Monday, October 27, 2008

Loving the Little Ones

How quickly phases in life transition... I don't really even know where the time went or how (wasn't I just talking about our wedding series this summer?! though truth be told, even those kind of crept up on me), but as I keep hearing again and again, this kind of "time flying" will continue to happen, and if possible, it will go faster and faster.

However, if there's something I enjoy more than celebrating the wedding of some good friends, it's celebrating those same good friends' future son or daughter... and luckily I'm having tons of opportunities to do that lately.

This past weekend I headed down to Atlanta, which was a treat in and of itself. I hadn't been there since our wedding, so not only was I going "home" for a bit, but some of my very best friends were joining me! We all convened in Atlanta to shower our dear Allison in anticipation of her daughter, Natalie Elizabeth, scheduled to join us in late December.

Of course, where would one host a beautiful all-pink baby shower in Atlanta... the traditional Swan Coach House! Though we may laugh about the number of times we've all been there and how we weren't even sure if they had a real menu aside from "The Swan's Favorite", it is amazingly delicious every single time.

Everyone was treated to pink and white carriage cookie favors which complemented the decorations beautifully and were quite tasty, too!

We had a wonderful time together preparing for Allison and Jeff's baby - it's clear that Natalie and her parents are well-loved. Completely selfishly, my main concern has been when I'll be able to get up to Michigan to meet the littlest Sapp! Hopefully my first ever trip to Michigan is in the not-too-distant-future!

Another added bonus (icing on the cake, if you will!) of the weekend was getting to meet some of my very best friends' son, Harrison Henry! I have been counting down the days until I got to meet this little guy and we had so much fun "mom-ing" him, with the extra benefit of giving his parents a little rest!

Jayne and Jason are very blessed to have little Harrison - I gave him as many hugs as possible to last him until I get to hang out with him again.
It was a truly wonderful weekend, a little bit of everything I love. Tons of babies all around and visiting with friends and family... I absolutely love this new stage in our lives!

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  1. What a cutie! And as cliche as it sounds, what a head of hair! So when is it YOUR turn? (Sorry. Had to ask!)


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