Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Sweet

Don't let the title of this post turn you off... since the moment I saw this idea, I was hooked... and after tasting it last night, this fun and easy Halloween treat officially went into the repertoire (for easy desserts, of course... not weeknight meals though one can dream).

I'm a little short on time so head to Recipe Girl's post for instructions and additional colorful pictures of this versatile treat. I made mine with the same add-ins that she used but you can obviously add or alter based on your tastes (or on the season!). *one hint, don't skip the pretzels - they gave the candy the perfect bit of saltiness needed to cut the sugary-goodness

And best of all, besides the fact that from start to finish, the project took me all of 35 minutes... then, the bark broke into perfect pieces to go into these cute bags, all wrapped up for my co-workers. Next time I might add a frightening tag warning of their scary sweetness.


*A second Halloween treat... you MUST check out my favorite Food Blogga's recipes and delightful article about using Halloween candy. Expect to see some of those recipes here in the next few weeks.


  1. Glad you enjoyed this!! Happy Halloween :)

  2. Happy Halloween! No candy in our house ... yet. (We don't live in a neighborhood so no trick or treaters!) But next year I'm sure we'll be at MiMi and Grump's house ...

    Susan's recipes look great, and I LOVE chocolate-covered pretzels - white or dark!


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