Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Find a Way

I've been so inspired by the many gestures of kindness and gratitude happening all around, it seems, this holiday season! It makes it so much easier to be an optimist in this seemingly more and more pessimistic world that we live in... but even more than that, it is a great reminder of the things that this season is really all about and how much even the smallest "gifts" (whether a smile, homemade cookies, a favor, etc.) mean so much.

I personally don't do a great job of showing my absolute gratitude throughout the year and around this time each year, I pledge to be more grateful and less selfish; here I am again, I figure it can't hurt to renew those vows, right? Imagine if each of us (myself included!) were willing to do something nice for even only ONE other person each year (or get ambitious and go for monthly) - I didn't do the math but I'm pretty sure we'd be helping quite a few people.

So to start... I hope you like coconut, peanut butter and chocolate because I baked all of you some yummy Triple Layer Brownies!

Baking for others is one of my very favorite ways to say Thank You
(shameless plug, but this is clearly why I love the
Baking GALS). My only regret is that you aren't here to enjoy them; I promise that we saved you some!

Do you have any inspirational stories of something you've done or that someone has done for you?

Be thankful for all that you have and even just that you have the ability to give others something as small as a smile this season and always...

*and of course, send our troops a small reminder of your


  1. These look great! I'd come over in a minute for one... if I weren't 3000 miles away.

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  4. Hey! Is it the Washington Post that puts out that great cookie list at Christmas? I can't find it on their site, but it may be too soon or I'm looking in the wrong place.


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