Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rookie Attempt

More sports references, I know... they get kind of old. But I promise that the only thing sports-related about this post is the title. My creative juices apparently were dried up so that's all I've got for now... though it is true that this use of puff pastry was indeed, my first time. Gasp, I know. However, now that I've made it over the hurdle, I can say with no hesitation that I will be back.

Since we had guests in town for the weekend (and not just any guests - my in-laws!), a special breakfast was in order. I'd seen this recipe for French Apple Turnovers in a recent Bon Appetit and was waiting for just the opportunity to try Molly's easy version of the delicious pastries that I, too, have always enjoyed when I've been fortunate enough to be in France.

Turns out they were perfect for a Saturday morning - and complemented perfectly with some fresh coffee and a side of turkey bacon. I will make these again, without a doubt, and highly recommend them to everyone; I didn't change a thing about Molly's recipe, and the apple filling was perfect, just as she described it.

My only beef with the entire experience was that no one called them "Chausson de pommes" which just adds a certain level of sophistication; so, my suggestion is to make sure you have at least one French-speaker in your audience when you serve these for the greatest impact, although after one bite, you all will think you've been transported to France!

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  1. I love apple turnovers. LOVE them. These look so gorgeous!

    And yes - Jennifer's blog is AWESOME. She has some over-the-top sweet treats on there, but I've never been led astray!


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