Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For Your Service and Sacrifice

Today is Veteran's Day! Take the time today to thank anyone you know (and even those you don't!) who's served our great nation!

click above for a beautiful tribute to our troops

To commemorate the special day (and of course, since this round of Baking GALS happens to coincide perfectly with this great holiday), I baked some delicious Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip muffins to send along with some Great Pumpkin Cookies to my soldier this month!

And what a delicious fall treat! I'm pretty sure the soldiers aren't too picky anyway, but these little gems are certain to be enjoyed (don't tell, but we just HAD to taste-test!).

Thank you to all of those (and their families!) who have felt the call to sacrifice for the freedoms that the rest of us are so lucky to live with!


  1. these look delightful. i think i will make them tonight... :)


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