Saturday, November 15, 2008


Sometimes in life, we are lucky enough to be faced with two good options... I will admit that when this (rarely) happens, I am one of those people who sometimes (though I'm working on it!) complains because I just can't decide (if only life was always this hard, right?).

Well, last night we were some of those fortunate people... torn between two great choices, not surprisingly related to sports (yahoo - it's college basketball time). Bucknell's mens' basketball team was nice enough to grace us metro-DC folks with its presence against the Terrapins... and as you may remember, Chris is an alum of both schools.

Thanks 100% to our amazing friend Mark, all the way up in New York, we were lucky enough to score seats on the floor. Since tickets to this game were Chris' birthday present, sitting on the floor close enough to hear Gary Williams screaming at anyone who would listen and to catch a rare smile from Greivis, was a super special treat.

And as an added bonus, we (and by "we", I mean Chris) are fairly certain that we had our own little celebrity spotting in College Park. Anyone able to ID the man in this picture below? It is believed to be one of the Sports Junkies (by the way, I'm linking to them but not taking any responsibility for what's on their website), Lurch. Also, just in case he's reading, EB was also there, and my husband tells me I have a bone to pick with you over a story you so inappropriately laughed yourself silly over sometime last year.

Again, we can't thank Mark enough for his super generous tickets - I have to believe this night was the perfect end to Chris' 30th birthday celebration. (oh, and Maryland won)


  1. SO FUN! Way to go MFratto on the tix! Go Terps...and Bison!

  2. ps...are you going to Lawrence Joel on Dec 6th?


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