Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heart of Dixie

In the most unlikeliest of places, we were fortunate enough to have made some really great friends! I should have known we would fast become friends - after all, we share wedding dates - almost to the minute!

As would figure, on our honeymoon at the great Sandals Grande in St. Lucia, we met tons of other honeymooners... but only one couple are we still in touch with to this day - and we were lucky enough to visit that same couple in their hometown of Mobile, AL, this past weekend! We enjoyed a long weekend catching up with Heather and JB, hearing how they've spent their first 8 months being married and learning more about life in their quaint Southern town. I have to admit, small-town life can be enticing!

We spent Thursday afternoon in Biloxi, Mississippi - a quick but necessary visit since it was discovered that I'd never gambled before. One little piece of wisdom that I came across - just because you're at a "quarter" BlackJack machine doesn't mean you only can play quarters. Who knew?!

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is quite impressive; we spent some time (and luckily not a lot of money!) there as well as at the IP.

Friday afternoon, Heather and I waited out the downpours at Heroes in downtown Mobile (my first spinach and crawfish dip - and NOT my last - yum!!) and then met up with everyone at Mobile's annual Greek Fest. Such a fun night complete with gyros, Vendange Chardonnay, and delicious honey-covered pastries!

Saturday was 100% (maybe even 150%) dedicated to college football. We are loyal college ball fans but down in SEC country, it's something else. You can see from the pictures that they even make us wear their colors... note that this was taken later in the night once we'd change from our Alabama jerseys into our Florida garb. Luckily, both teams won.
Not surprisingly (I think all my trip re-caps conclude similarly), our trip came to an end WAY too soon. Sunday morning we made our way downtown for a yummy last meal in the fun city of Mobile. You must try Spot of Tea for brunch if you are ever in the area - such a cute atmosphere and tasty food.

Thank you thank you to our gracious hosts Heather and JB - we had an absolute blast hanging out with you two! We can't wait to show you around our neck of the woods and any other adventures that await us! See you soon!


  1. We went to St. Thomas for our honeymoon, but we didn't meet such nice people! Not that they were MEAN people - we just didn't bond. Ya know?

    You guys are obviously so sweet and friendly - I bet you make friends everywhere you go!

  2. I love it!! This is the best blog ever!! We enjoyed having you guys so much! Can't wait to see you in the Spring! We are planning now!!


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