Thursday, November 20, 2008

Made the List!!

I considered calling this post "Ode to Ina" but I think I've made my devotion to the Barefoot Contessa adequately clear in the past... besides, I know there are some of you out there who don't share the same love for her as I do (which I still don't fully understand) so I didn't want to let the title turn you off.

In that spirit, I will make this quick. I came across this article in my weekly Washington Post e-newsletter and being someone who loves all things Ina (though I haven't ventured into her line of packaged food and mixes), it caught my eye. They had me with the information about her new book (I hesitate to call it a cookbook) as even the picture on the cover brightened my day - but she also hints that many of the specifics from the recent barn renovation (into her office and new set) are woven into the details of the book as well! Recipes AND Ina's care-free decorating and entertaining tips? I admittedly wasn't a hard sell but with that, it's on the list!

Really, how can you not love someone who admits '"I'm really a nervous cook..."' Music to my ears.

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