Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Lesson in Self-Knowledge

Yesterday, the list of things that I'm 'not' (insert here any number of things like "good at" or "going to be when I grow up") grew quite a bit longer; at work, we'd say that I simply increased my self-knowledge and that's actually a positive thing so I'll stick with that.

In layman's terms (no offense, but I figure I've already lost you), what I'm trying to say is that I volunteered this weekend at the National Capital Area Cake Show and it became perfectly clear to me that I don't have a future in cake decorating, certainly not in the professional realm.

I mean, are ya kidding me? Those creations up there are cakes... yes, like the edible things that we all have childhood memories of being served on our birthday.

Give me a bar cookie recipe or a layered cake with any assortment of yummy frostings and I'm set, but don't ask me to make figurines or for that matter, a bird bath, out of cake.

Don't mistake this for me being ungrateful for such a cool volunteer opportunity - that's absolutely not the case. I'm just a realist and like to acknowledge when something is way out of my league.

This, my friends, is way out of my league.

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