Monday, March 30, 2009

Disappearing Act

I'm absolutely not against trips to foreign lands where you want to pack in as much as possible or those to a new (much-more local) city to visit friends and get a taste of their life; but, as it turns out, I'm happy as a loon visiting old friends in a familiar setting with absolutely zero set agenda except for time filled with the 'little things in life'. *okay, there was an agenda... but I have been sworn to secrecy so forevermore, it will remain the agenda that shall not be named

Someone please share with me the secret to not being beat even after a relaxing weekend? Pardon my random begging - it's quite pitiful and not at all becoming, I'm well-aware.

The quick day and a half visit was filled with all things just as you'd imagine, a cute baby boy, girls morning out for pedicures, meeting the boys at Cook-Out (please oh please open a franchise here in DC - I promise I'll bring all my friends and make sure it's a success!), a cute baby boy...

... running a few errands and discussions about how to take advantage of triple coupons (triple!) at the grocery store, a cute baby boy, and homemade guac, a cute baby boy...

... delicious grilled pork chops...

(I won't even try and take credit for those, up there... they are Jason's delicious creation - and all I know is some combination of peach jam, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and a bunch of herbs and spices, made up a fabulous marinade and cooked-down sauce)

... having coffee already made when you wake up, a cute baby boy, and more delicious grilled food (yummy grilled chicken salad)... oh, and a very cute baby boy.

Said baby boy was the subject of... all... of my pictures from the weekend - which I had thought might be great practice for me and my camera - turns out the only thing it proved was that I need a ton more practice.

Did you notice, though... since there's a baby now in the picture, we "adults" quickly (and happily) disappear. Not one single picture of us fogies was taken throughout the weekend. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Trust me, though - we were there and loved every minute.


  1. Now that is one good looking little boy! And a happy boy too! (got to love a happy baby!)

    I am sorry that I don't have any good advice for recovering after a fun & relaxing weekend. I say, ease into the week and declare yourself an official couch potato for a few days/evenings. That will also get you re-charged for the up and coming weekend's events.

    And when in doubt, there's always Rita's...

  2. He is a cutie!

    And so you were here!

    I live about 2 miles from Cookout. It's right on my way to work. Dangerous...

  3. I'll trade you a Cookout for a Rita's any day!! Thanks again for coming. BTW-what exactly was it that you were sworn to secrecy about??

  4. As the proud grandmother of the young man mentioned in your blog numerous times, I thank you for showing off and gushing over our cute little boy!


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